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Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of people are ending up here by using search terms that indicate they probably need some help on with their homework.  If you’re an actual kid who is trying to do an assignment for your reading class, I’m sorry, but this website isn’t here to get you out of doing your work.

Are you looking to find out what happens in a book?

I am so so sorry.  I really hope you have enough time left to read the book and then answer your teacher’s questions, write your essay, do your assignment.  It might go faster if you stopped googling for answers. If you’ve really left things to the last minute and cannot possibly read the book, it might be worth it to tell your teacher.  Don’t make excuses because teachers hear a lot of those.
Apologize: I am sorry, I didn’t do my book report/reading homework.
Present a plan for making it better: Your teacher may have an idea of how you can make it up, but be proactive.  Say “I really want to do my best work on this and I know I messed up” then explain how you plan on doing the work and when you would be able to turn it in. You should turn it in as soon as you possibly can.
Ask: Definitely make sure to ask your teacher if your plan is okay or if they have anything else they need you to do to make up your work.
Accept the consequences of your actions: You should make sure to take responsibility for the fact that you didn’t do your work.  Apologizing without making excuses helps.  Finding a way to make up the work helps too!  But whatever happens, don’t let your emotions get the best of you.  If your teacher refuses to take late work or will lower your grade, you can certainly ask nicely for your teacher to reconsider, but ultimately, the decision belongs to your teacher.  You made the decision to not finish the assignment, the next step is in your teacher’s hands.

Are you here because your assignment was confusing?

It can be really frustrating when you don’t know what you are supposed to do.  I wish I could help you figure it out, because I am a teacher, but unfortunately, I’m not your teacher.  Some tips:

Check the directions: If these are printed directions, great! Reread them.  If you were responsible for writing them down, reread them.  Think back to class and see if you can remember anything the teacher said about the assignment that would help you now.
Reread: Can you go back and reread? That often helps.  Make sure you’re in a place with as few distractions as possible and that you read slowly enough.  If you see something that helps you answer your assignment, even if you’re not sure, mark it with a bookmark or post-it and write it down.  Then you can go back and find it easily later.
Ask for help: If you don’t understand what you’re learning, make sure to ask for help!  It works best if you ask in class right when the assignment is given.  Other kids might have the same questions as you do.  If you feel nervous or embarrassed you can always ask to speak to the teacher privately or write the teacher a note.
Be honest: If you couldn’t do the work because you didn’t understand, it is much, much better to explain that to your teacher rather than try to find the answers on the internet. It’s cheating, plain and simple to use work that is not your own.  And trust me, if you could google it, so can your teacher.

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