Once Upon a Wintertime

Walt Disney’s Once Upon a Wintertime, A Little Golden Book by Tom Oreb

I unearthed this in a box of old books that had once been my mother’s and remembered it from my own childhood.  It’s terribly old-fashioned (something I usually enjoyed when I was younger) and a little scary (something I usually did not enjoy at all).  Joe picks up Jenny in a sleigh and they head off to a skating date.  Joe’s a bit of a show-off. Jenny cheers him on like a good little girlfriend, but loses her balance and tumbles. Joe can’t suppress a chuckle and Jenny skates off in a snit (so like a female).  Of course, she’s so mad she doesn’t see where she’s going and off she skates onto thin ice.  A section of ice breaks off and Jenny is sent racing down the river.  Joe attempts a gallant rescue, but in true Disney style, the woodland creatures are the ones that save the day, unbeknownst to Joe and Jenny.

I do remember this quite fondly, despite the (pretty ridiculous and patronizing) depiction of Jenny, the fact that she has a brush with death and Joe’s less than stellar showing as the boyfriend.  Maybe I was just sucked in by the muff (she wears a muff!), full skirt with petticoats, sleigh bells and sympathetic rabbits.

Sex, Nudity, Dating – A couple goes on a sleigh ride.  Couples are shown skating arm in arm.  A picture shows Joe giving Jenny a kiss on the cheek.
Profanity – None.
Death, Violence and Gore – None.
Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking – None.
Frightening or Intense Things – Jenny skates onto thin ice and the part she is standing on breaks off and floats down river and heads towards the rapids.


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  1. JMLC says:

    I loved the muff from the little house series. I was so into them that I almost died when I was given one. A white, furry one. Which I then never used. (And that fact that I can type this without laughing aloud at the unintended double meaning says that I am maturing.)

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