Reading Rut

Somewhere over the past few months, I got off track.  At first, reading, writing and processing were just physically too much, the casualties of my body needing to do all of its work recovering and none of its work actually working.  But then, I became an active participant.  Repeatedly, I walked past the bookshelf filled with titles I’d carefully selected and placed on hold without so much as a guilty glance.  During downtime I chose to sit mindless in front of the computer rather than take the few steps needed to find a new book and fall in.

Most of the times in my life when this has happened, I’ve wanted to go back.  As soon as time and life have allowed I have returned, refreshed and energized, excited for what lay ahead.  But this time?  I’m not so sure.  I find myself questioning whether I should be writing this blog.  Whether I should invest so much time in something that matters to only me.  I know that the answer lies somewhere in exactly how much this matters to me.  Whether it is more fun and fulfilling than the other things I could be doing.  But right now, all I do is give an unsure shrug.  I don’t know.

So I’m going to try to find my way back to loving reading. And writing about reading.  And sharing my love of reading with whomever wants to listen.  So I’m making a plan.  (Literally, right now, as I type this, MAKING A PLAN).


1. Read whatever I want! Those of you who follow this blog know that I do a theme per month. But sometimes, books call to me and they don’t fit with my current theme. So I add them to my goodreads list. Sometimes, I manage to build a future theme around them. Some of them, sit taunting me for a very long time. So this January, I’m just reading what I want. Truthwitch: A Witchlands Novel, A Snicker of Magic, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda who knows what else?

2. Write when I want Writing a blog is work. But when I’m trying to keep tightly to a posting schedule it can really feel like it. Since I’m having so much trouble getting back into things, maybe relieving a bit of pressure is the right away to handle things.

3. Snacks Don’t snacks help everything? Really, there’s no treat I like better than a cup of tea or hot cocoa, something delicious to nibble and a good book.

4. Ask? For help? What do you do when you’re stuck and can’t get back into reading (or something else you’ve always loved?) Strategies and alternate plans welcome!!

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  1. JMLC says:

    I’d miss this blog. I so often come to it when I need suggestions and such. I think taking pressure off is a good thing. It gets hard to blog when there are lots of short people demanding attention…. Do it when you like, when the mood strikes and/or when you read something you simply MUST share with the world. Or me. 🙂

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