Gone to the Dogs

Given the giant picture of my dog’s nose pressed inside a book, it’s probably no secret that I love dogs.  But as I have mentioned before, I’m never quite as sold on dog books.  This is probably because when I was growing up (you know, way back before cell phones and personal computers) there were a whole lot of highly regarded dog books that focused mainly on some type of trauma.  I like my dog books like I like my dogs, adorable, feisty, slightly irreverent and obviously, full of fun and mischief.

Lately I’ve been stockpiling some dog books that look like just the thing for carrying me through the end of winter and into spring.  I finally, finally got my hands on Pugs of the Frozen North, managed to win a copy of the ridiculously adorable looking Fenway and Hattie and have a nice little pile of holds accumulating at the library with other canine heroes.  It promises to be a cheerful and furry month.


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