Usually May is reserved for miscellany.  Any books that I didn’t quite finish in time for their monthly post, things that didn’t quite match up with their intended theme and of course, things I’d been dying to read and review even though they didn’t fit any of my plans, they all found a home here.

But this month I am promising nothing.  I am expecting a baby in June, but this past week (way too far before his due date) he sent me to the hospital for a little excitement.  Meaning, I need to take it easy.  I am very much not skilled in this category.  Taking it easy when  I have things to do makes my skin crawl. I wish very much that I could use this enforced quiet to read, read, read, but my mind races and writes up to do lists that I have to other people execute for me and I cannot force it to focus on a page.

So, hopefully, I’ll get a few things done, and read a bit and spend zero additional time in the hospital before the baby is actually supposed to come.  But I’m in no position to deliver any type of promises.  Begging forgiveness and hoping that you’ll all fill me in on the wonderful things you are reading so that I can at least live vicariously!



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