January – Little One’s Favorites!

Since starting this blog, I have often started the year sharing some of my own childhood favorites, sometimes while wincing and hoping they held up. But this year I’m doing it a bit differently. This year, I’ll be featuring some of the books my little one hands me to read over and over.

Out of respect for you, I will only include the ones I don’t actually mind reading over and over. His tastes are capricious and he doesn’t have a long attention span, but when he loves something, he can listen to it a seemingly infinite number of times.

He is roughly a year and a half now and has only recently become obsessed with books.  When he was younger he was never one to sit on your lap and leaf through the pages or quietly peek under flaps. He was a page tearer, a flap ripper-offer and a get down now-er.  But recently he’s been into books and I need to up my picture book game.

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